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Retirement Online

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Welcome to Retirement Online

About Retirement OnlineRetirement Online makes working with NYSLRS easier and more convenient. It streamlines your work with the Retirement System — and everything you need will be a click away. NYSLRS members will benefit, and so will you.





Use Retirement Online to:

  • Easily enroll new members
  • Report information about your employees
  • Simply report employees’ days worked, earnings, and job information
  • Process and change deductions more timely and accurately
  • Receive timely notifications of deficiencies, overpayments and improper withholdings
  • View new hire information and contribution rates
  • View historical reporting data
  • Review employer reporting financial transactions
  • Update your organization’s information
  • Manage and assign security access for your employer contacts
  • Request events
  • Submit the Statement of Accrued Payments and Leave Credits (RS6221) form for retiring employees

Retirement Online works best with Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

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Timeline for Retirement Online

New features will be added to Retirement Online over the next few years.



  • Some employers begin the transition to enhanced reporting


  • Purchase service credit
  • Manage payments
  • Generate benefit estimates
  • Apply for retirement
  • View status of open cases

2020 – 2021


  • Request and receive employer plan upgrade estimates online
  • Review pre-billed salary information
  • Complete transition to enhanced reporting

Members and Retirees

  • Access 1099-Rs
  • Manage withholding information
  • Set up and maintain direct deposits