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What Employers Say About Enhanced Reporting

See our COVID-19 Guidance for Employers page for important information about how the COVID-19 emergency may affect your monthly reporting.

To protect the health of our members and employees, Retirement System consultation offices are closed until further notice. To schedule a phone consultation, and for all other inquiries, your employees can contact us at 1-866-805-0990; 518-474-7736 in the Albany, NY area. However, we strongly encourage members to use Retirement Online to do business with NYSLRS at this time.

Make the Switch to Enhanced Reporting NOW

More than 900 NYSLRS employers are now using Retirement Online enhanced reporting. All employers must switch by the end of this year. To begin enhanced reporting, email the NYSLRS Gold Certification team.

Now Available: Your Invoice Due February 1, 2023

Your annual invoice is now available in Retirement Online. Payment is due by February 1, 2023 or pay a discounted amount by December 15, 2022.

Sign in to Retirement Online. From your Account Homepage, click the “Access Billing Dashboard” button to view your invoice.

Hot Topics

hot topic iconReport a Data Security Breach — Employers who are experiencing a data security breach or ransomware attack may not be able to access Retirement Online and submit monthly reports. These incidents put the safety and security of your data at risk, and they have the potential to affect those you share data with, like the Retirement System.

If your location’s operations are affected by a security breach or ransomware attack, contact NYSLRS immediately. Call our help desk at 844-619-9614 and press 1. We’ll help you continue to work with NYSLRS while your normal operations are interrupted.

hot topic iconRetiree Earnings Limit — If you have hired a retired employee, you should be aware of laws governing how much retirees can earn in post-retirement employment without affecting their pension. Generally, post-retirement earnings are not limited if your employee retired under a service retirement benefit and they are age 65 or older or make less than $35,000. If a retiree exceeds the earnings limit and continues to work, their pension benefits will be suspended for the remainder of the calendar year.

However, the earnings limit was temporarily suspended by executive order through much of 2020 and 2021 and, so far, from January 1 through December 23, 2022. Legislation has also suspended the earnings limit for retirees employed by school districts and BOCES through June 30, 2023. If you have retired employees who have questions about the suspension of the limit, share our Retiree Earnings Limit blog post with them. It will be updated if new executive orders affect the earnings limit.

hot topic iconEarnings Limits for Tier 6 Members — Pensionable earnings (the earnings that can be used in a NYSLRS pension benefit calculation) for Tier 6 members are limited to the Governor’s salary.

In fall 2021, the Governor’s salary was increased to $250,000, effective retroactive to January 1, 2021. This earnings limit is applied on a State fiscal year (April 1 – March 31) basis, so when the Governor’s salary increases at the beginning of a calendar year, the limit amount is prorated.

  • The earnings limit from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021 has increased from $225,000 to $231,250.
  • The earnings limit beginning April 1, 2021 is now $250,000.

For both enhanced and legacy reporters: Continue to report earnings and days worked as usual if your Tier 6 employee reaches the Governor’s salary limit, but only take contributions from earnings below the limit.

Tier 6 members who made more than $225,000 since April 1, 2020 may now owe mandatory contributions on earnings you already reported. Correspondence with further instruction will be sent directly to the impacted members and to their employers once the amount owed is calculated.

hot topic iconOvertime Limits — For Tier 5 and 6 members, overtime earnings that exceed annual calendar year limits are not included in the definition of earnings, and cannot be used in a NYSLRS pension benefit calculation.

For Employees’ Retirement System members, the 2022 calendar-year limits are:

  • Tier 5: $21,386.41
  • Tier 6: $18,233

For Police and Fire Retirement System members in both Tier 5 and Tier 6, the limit is 15 percent of a member’s regular annual wages.

Enhanced reporters: Overtime below and above the limit should be reported, however it should be reported using the appropriate overtime earnings code, depending on whether it is pensionable (overtime earned below the limit) or non-pensionable.

Legacy reporters: Visit our legacy Overtime Compensation page for instructions.

Please note: at the beginning of each calendar year, you are required to reset the amount of overtime earned by Tier 5 and 6 members to $0.00 in your payroll system. Please ensure limits are reset.

hot topic iconEnrollment through Enhanced Reporting: Use the Actual Hire Date — When you hire a new employee at your location, you must use the actual hire date for the position being entered. For NYSLRS purposes, the actual hire date is the first day the employee is being paid and on the payroll for that position. If they are a mandatory member, you will enroll them into NYSLRS as of their hire date, and using the actual hire date informs us about any uncredited service that may exist for the member. If they are an optional member choosing not to join NYSLRS, you would hire the employee for reporting purposes.

If the employee was formerly employed by your location and the employment instance has already been terminated, either by you as the employer or by us for inactivity, you must rehire them into the same employment instance and use the first day they are being paid (after their termination date) as their rehire date.

If the employee was previously reported for this position and you are now splitting it into two positions with two separate employment instances, the actual hire date would be the first day of the month that you switched to using the enhanced report format.

hot topic iconEnrollment through Enhanced Reporting: Hiring Existing NYSLRS Members or Retirees — When hiring employees, it is important to ask the employee whether they are an existing member or retiree of either NYSLRS or another NYS/NYC public retirement system. If they are a NYSLRS member or retiree, you should ask them to provide their NYSLRS ID, if available.

You would hire (not enroll) the employee into a new employment instance if they are a member who has not previously worked for your location, or a retiree who has not previously worked for your location as a retiree. If your employee is an existing NYSLRS member, they will make mandatory membership contributions (if applicable) as part of their employment with you. If your employee is a retiree receiving a pension from a NYS/NYC public retirement system, you will report their days and salary only so we can monitor their post-retirement employment.

Learn more about membership and enrollment.