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Enhanced Reporting — Gold Certification

Enhanced Reporting — Gold CertificationAll employers must switch to enhanced reporting by the end of this year. Gold Certification will get you started in four easy steps.

This page explains the process. You will also find the resources you’ll need to transition to enhanced reporting.

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Benefits of Enhanced Reporting

For Employers

  • Maximize efficiency and improve service to employees
  • Streamline member enrollments
  • Provide more accurate service credit info
  • Reduce the number of inquiries from the retirement system
  • Eliminate corrections to contribution and service credit payments
  • Eliminate the need to collect more information at the time an employee retires

For Employees

  • Automatic enrollment of mandatory members
  • Reduce deficiencies
  • Service credit requests will be processed more quickly
  • Increased accuracy with benefit information
  • Increased accuracy with payroll deductions for loans
  • Streamline process for employee retiring

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Gold Certification: Overview

Gold Certification is a 4 step process to help you easily transition to enhanced reporting in Retirement Online. A transition coach will reach out to you to help you determine when to get started and guide you through the Gold Certification process.

Next Steps

If you’re not already in the Gold Certification process, take this brief survey to help us understand how you currently report in Retirement Online. Once we've reviewed your survey answers, a coach will contact you to discuss how and when to begin enhanced reporting for your organization. Several factors will determine when to begin, including whether you use a payroll provider. For a list of payroll providers who are currently supporting enhanced reporting, please see the list of Gold Certified Employers.


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Gold Certification: 4 Step Process

To help you with the transition to enhanced reporting, NYSLRS provides customized training and support. In this section, you’ll find a detailed description of the transition process, important reference tools, and training resources you need to complete Gold Certification.


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Questions & Answers

Want to know how the enhanced report will change the way you report employee information to NYSLRS? Read through our list of employer-submitted questions and answers.


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Contact Us

Call your transition coach: 844-619-9614 | Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm

  • When prompted, choose option 1 to be connected to employer resources.
  • You will then be asked for your location code followed by the pound “#” sign.
  • After you enter this code, you will begin to hear our traditional options for employer related questions. At this point, you can dial your transition group code and be connected to a Gold Certification transition coach. This is a special code that was provided on your transition plan. It is not listed as an option on the Help Desk line.

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