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Enhanced Reporting — Gold Certification

Enhanced Reporting — Gold CertificationLegacy reporting will be decommissioned in 2024. If your organization hasn’t switched to enhanced reporting or scheduled a transition plan with us:

Registering now will ensure you can continue submitting monthly reports and meet your obligations as a participating employer.

Gold Certification will get you started in four easy steps, and we’ll provide all the training and support you need to successfully use enhanced reporting.

If you are already using enhanced reporting, bookmark our Employer Reporting page for links to our enhanced reporting guide and other resources.

Not sure whether your organization has made the switch? See which employers and payroll companies have completed Gold Certification.

Benefits of Enhanced Reporting

Here’s what you can expect once you switch to enhanced reporting:

For Employers

  • Easier enrollments — enroll multiple employees at once with the enhanced report file.
  • More data now means less work later — report breakdowns of pensionable and non-pensionable earnings now and receive fewer requests for information when employees retire.
  • Eliminate need for corrections — see real-time feedback so you can make sure your enhanced report information is ready for submission.

Benefits for Your Employees

  • Requests processed quickly — having more accurate benefit and service credit information on file makes transactions with NYSLRS easier for your employees.
  • Accurate payroll deductions — receive start and stop changes to service credit purchase and loan payments faster.

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Gold Certification: 4‐Step Process

In this section, you’ll find a description of the enhanced reporting transition process, important reference tools and training resources you need to complete Gold Certification.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The enhanced report will change the way you report employee information to NYSLRS. Below are some frequently asked questions from employers who already transitioned to enhanced reporting.


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Contact Us

Call your transition coach: 866-805-0990 | Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm

  • When prompted, choose option 1 to be connected to employer resources.
  • You will then be asked for your location code, followed by the pound “#” sign.
  • After you enter this code, you will begin to hear our traditional options for employer-related questions. At this point, you can dial your transition group code and be connected to a Gold Certification transition coach. This is a special code that was provided on your transition plan. It is not listed as an option on the Help Desk line.

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