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Contact and Security Administrator Roles

Contact and Security AdministratorYour organization has at least one employee who is designated as a Contact Administrator and at least one Security Administrator.

Contact Administrator

  • Maintains employer contact information for all individuals who communicate and work with NYSLRS.
  • Reviews and updates contact information in Retirement Online. This includes adding new contacts, removing old contacts, and modifying information for existing contacts.

Your organization must have one Contact Administrator as well as a designated back-up.

Examples of employer contacts that need to be maintained in Retirement Online include: Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Fiscal Officer (CFO), Personnel Officer, Civil Service Administrator, Payroll Contact, Bill Recipient, Service Provider, and Board Clerk or Secretary. If you have questions, our list of contact types for Local employers Adobe pdf or contact types for State employers Adobe pdf may help.

Some employers report to NYSLRS on behalf of multiple municipalities. Retirement Online has been designed so that employer contacts can have a single user ID and password that allows you to be granted access for one or more organizations or location codes. The access each employer contact has is controlled by the Security Administrator for each location code.


Security Administrator

Access to functions inside Retirement Online is determined by a user’s security role. Having the correct role is critical. Employers will receive notifications from NYSLRS through Retirement Online based on their role. The Security Administrator:

  • Is responsible for granting and maintaining employee access to Retirement Online.
  • Determines which contacts are assigned Retirement Online roles and will assign access accordingly. Not all employer contacts have access to Retirement Online. In order to have access, your employee must first be designated as a Contact.
  • Works with your Contact Administrator to confirm that roles are properly assigned and fully staffed.
  • Removes access for employees who should no longer have access to Retirement Online (retired, resigned, etc.).
  • Monitors for fraud and suspicious activity, and reports unusual activities to NYSLRS.

Your employees may be assigned more than one security role, and there are different security roles for State Adobe pdf and for local Adobe pdf employers.

Examples of security roles include Employer Reporting Submitter, Employer Reporting Uploader, Payroll, Personnel and Board Clerk.

You should have two different individuals be Security and Contact Administrators as this allows for a separation of duties. However, if your office structure does not support this, and the head of your organization authorizes it, one individual can fulfill both roles.


If You Need to Change Your Administrator

If you need to change your Contact Administrator or your Security Administrator, please email us. We will send you the necessary forms, which will need to be completed and signed by your CEO or CFO.

If you have questions about designating a Contact or Security Administrator or their responsibilities, please email us or call 518-408-4214. You can also send us a message using our help desk form or call 844-619-9614 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.

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