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How To Use Retirement Online for Local Employers

Get Bronze, Silver and Gold CertifiedThe quick guides and short videos on this page will help you use Retirement Online for enrollment and reporting.

If you need help with Retirement Online, visit our contact us page for contact and troubleshooting information.

These videos and resources are meant for local employers. If you are a State agency, please visit our Just for State Employers page.

How to Use the Billing Dashboard

The Retirement Online Billing Dashboard is where employers access estimated, annual and projected invoices, GASB information, fiscal year earnings and prior years’ adjustments (PYAs). The instructions in this section will help you perform routine tasks in the Dashboard.

This training, Employer Billing Fundamentals, will help you learn more about using the Retirement Online Billing Dashboard.

Watch this video for a brief introduction to the features in the Billing Dashboard.

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How to Enroll Employees as Members

When you enroll your employees as NYSLRS members through Retirement Online, you will receive their NYSLRS IDs, registration numbers, tiers and contributions rates immediately.

Make sure you add new employees in your payroll system. Your monthly report should include all employees who are members, including these newly added members.

Watch this video on enrolling members in Retirement Online.

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How to Use Job Codes

When enrolling employees as members, you need to enter a job code. This identifies the work an employee does and plays a role in determining their retirement benefit plan.

You can use our NYSLRS Job Codes tool to select the job codes available to you. Most employees may fall under a general code, like ‘Laborer’ or ‘Office Staff,’ but if your employee is eligible for a special plan that allows retirement after 20 or 25 years regardless of age, then the job code description should indicate that.

Watch this video on how to use the job codes tool so you can narrow down your choices.

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How to Upload Your Report

Retirement Online has two ways to submit a report. You can upload a specially formatted report file or manually enter your employee data.

If you are uploading a file, your report must be saved as a .prn, .txt, .rpt, .dat, or .csv file.

Watch this video on how to upload your report file.

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How to Fix Errors and Warnings

Your report may have formatting or data errors. Retirement Online will review your report and let you know how to make corrections.

Watch this video to learn how to address errors and warnings in your report.

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How to Submit Your Report

After you fix any errors in your report, you can submit the report to us.

Watch this video on how to submit your report in Retirement Online.

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How to Report Manually

If you are reporting manually, you enter report information directly into Retirement Online.

Watch the following video on how to create and submit your report manually.

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How to Adjust Previously Reported Data

Did you already submit your members data and need to make a correction to previously reported data? You can upload and submit an adjustment report or use a manual report to make your adjustments.

Watch this video on how to upload and submit your adjustment report file.

Watch this video on how to create and submit a manual adjustment report.

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How to Manage and Search Notifications

When working in Retirement Online, you may receive notifications that tell you important information (informational) or require you to take action (actionable).

The notifications you receive depend on your security role. Our Retirement Online Notifications tool has a list of descriptions for each notification you can receive. You can also see which notifications are informational or actionable.

Watch this video on how to manage your notifications in Retirement Online.

To help you manage your Retirement Online notifications, there is a search function in the system that allows you to look up current notifications and those you’ve received in the past.

Watch this video for an introduction to searching notifications.

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How to View Employee Info

Are you looking for specific information about your employees, such as their contribution rate or their report history? Maybe you need to find their deductions or if any improper withholdings were taken. You can look this up through Retirement Online.

Watch this video on looking up employee information.

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